About Me


I was born and grew up in Poland. My love affair with photography began in secondary school with a gift from my dad, a Zenith camera, but seriously I have been shooting since 2002.

I focus on travel and reportage/documentary photography. There is nothing more enjoyable for me than meeting new people and helping tell their story and capturing them in their natural environment. For the last fifteen years, I have travelled extensively, changing countries, cities and addresses. Photography become a great excuse to learn from and interact with cultures which are sometimes very different from my own. It is always good way to look deeper and to make my experiences more intense.

In 2012, we launched with group of friends a portal – Link to Poland with the aim to gather and unite all creative, inventive Poles living around the world and foreigners interested in Poland. To create a virtual place for international cooperation, information exchanging and maybe even new friendships.

This new challenge gives me an opportunity to learn more about press photography and journalism.